Pendientes con piedra luna y diamantes

Metal: 18K White gold, 18K Ruthenium gold
Diamond: talla brillante, peso total 0,65cts (VS / H)
Other gems: Piedra luna peso total 21,70cts
Size: 2 x 1,7 cm

Con clara inspiración vintage, cuajado de diamantes talla brillante y el misterio de la piedra luna.

Para amantes de la joya clásica.

El baño de rutenio le da un sabor especial y diferente.

  1. Composures: if you need any special adjustment, we recommend that you let us advise by our experts in Marfil 1978.
  2. Exchanges: 7 days from receipt of the item.
  3. Certificate and Packaging: our pieces are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity on behalf of the buyer. Includes a photo of the jewel, quality and weight.
Certificado Marfil Joyeros
Empaquetado Marfil Joyeros
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Pendientes con cabujón de piedra luna y brillantes inspiración vintage

Ref. 22E102

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