Pareja de colgantes amatista verde

Metal: 18K White gold
Other gems: Amatista verde
Size: 1,8 x 1,3 cm

Pareja de amatista verde, con talla concave muy especial.

Las asitas permiten acoplar estos colgantes, con todos los pendientes de la colección Diseña tu Pendiente.

Precio de la pareja.

  1. Composures: if you need any special adjustment, we recommend that you let us advise by our experts in Marfil 1978.
  2. Exchanges: 7 days from receipt of the item.
  3. Certificate and Packaging: our pieces are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity on behalf of the buyer. Includes a photo of the jewel, quality and weight.
Certificado Marfil Joyeros
Empaquetado Marfil Joyeros
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Pareja de colgantes amatista verde

Ref. AMVE1318PR

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